Thank you for visiting the new website for 5×5, a literary magazine that features concise writing that is clear and strong. 5×5 has recently been undergoing a rather intense transformation from a print journal to an online journal which is headed by a new team of editors. If you are a subscriber to the journal and/or if you have been submitting work during this period of change, you might have begun to wonder what happened to 5×5, and we want to take this opportunity to apologize for any hiccups in submissions or correspondence that you might have experienced over the last several months and we hope that you’ll continue to support the magazine. Here are a few things that you need to know about 5×5’s new identity:

  • We will no longer be a print journal (it is a goal for the future but not an option now)
  • We will publish twice a year: Winter & Summer
  • We will accept Fiction, Nonfiction, and Poetry (no visual art for the time being)
  • We are unable to pay writers for their work (beyond publishing it on the website)
  • Our first issue will come out in December, 2013

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